Shame is worse than stupidity. - লজ্জা মূর্খতার চেয়েও নিকৃষ্ট।

Shame is worse than stupidity. - লজ্জা মূর্খতার চেয়েও নিকৃষ্ট।

Dear friends,
Hope everybody is doing well. I'm just as good as you.
Today I will bring up a new topic in front of you. Because it is very important for us to know. The topic I will talk to you about today is - "Shame is worse than stupidity".

...Lets Start...

We are all ashamed. If there is no shame, he will never be among the people. But if the shame is a little too much, then you. You will face many dangers. The excess of shame will take you away from many good things. Where to find shame , It is normal to express one's shame there. But being ashamed all the time is no longer a shame.

Suppose your class teacher is explaining a sum of your syllabus in the classroom. After the teacher explained the number to everyone one by one , he asked if he understood the math. Everyone is saying to each other that everyone has understood the math. But when you teacher he asked if he understood the math. If you answer like everyone else, you will understand that math. But you have that math did not understand.

There are so many students in the classroom if you say you don't understand math. However, many may think that how many ass students are you? Couldn't understand such a simple math. You will go after shame. Not so with credit. Yes, so you told the teacher that you did not understand the math.

Shame is worse than stupidity. - লজ্জা মূর্খতার চেয়েও নিকৃষ্ট।

Shame is worse than stupidity. - লজ্জা মূর্খতার চেয়েও নিকৃষ্ট।

But you may not know yourself how big of a mistake you made. Because the number that you did not understand today, you may have understood , You never have the time to understand. If you let go of your shame and tell the teacher, you will understand the math couldn't, but the teacher would have explained the math to you again. But today you lied because of shame the number is no longer known. Due to which in future you may get stuck in the next numbers.

So if you are ashamed of something and you are deprived of education, then you hit the ax on your own feet. That is, he struck the ax on his own feet.

A fool may not be able to read, but if you are ashamed to learn something, you are a fool.
Worse than a fool.

If we turn to the little past of our lives. However, we see that we learn a lot of things because of shame Couldn't. If I could have let go of shame that day, I would not be ignorant of it today.

My only request to you is that you never give place to shame in the field of education. Only then can you rise to the pinnacle of success

Finally, I would like to say how today's tune is, I am expecting everyone's opinion. If you are ashamed or for some other reason your opinion.

If you do not disclose, you will make the same mistake. You will be worse than a fool.
Thanks. Everyone stay well and healthy.

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