How to enable guest post google blogger website

How to enable guest post google blogger website

Dear blogger friends,
How are you ? I hope you are well. I am well too same to you.
Todays tutorial going on guest post enable blogger site.
No extra talk , go to main topic.

enable guest post google blogger

enable guest post google blogger

...Lets start...

Carefully follow my step and work. Many blogger user do not know how to enable guest post by email. These user very happy while know it. Google blogger give us a oppotunatly that post every one by email address.

enable guest post google blogger
enable guest post google blogger

Follow my some steps: -
  1. First go to google blogger website admin panel.
  2. Click Settings in left sidebar.
  3. Scrool down and find out Email.
  4. Click Post using email.
  5. Open a new box.

guest post google blogger
guest post google blogger

Now, you can get three option: -
  1. Publish email immediately.
  2. Save email as draft post.
  3. Disabled.

NB: - First option publish all guest post directly, do not draft.
Second option all guest post put on draft , do not publish directly.
Third option is disable all guest post , do not get any post.

I am selected and checked second option. Any user sent their post. All post will be draft.
I am check all post , and publish it if these post quality is best.

Under the three options , see you set up post email box.
Give your any name in the box and click save.
I am already give a name in box Write.
You are done it post by email.
So, my post email is...

# How to do it working ?

While any user want to post your blogger website. You can just sent this posting email.
I am sent this email for posting always...

These user open their google/gmail box. And sent there post these email.
This mail auto posted and put it draft.
I am check their post and do publish.

Dear friends all done the work. Thanks for stay my post and follow my tune.
Give your right feed back for this tutorial.
No, more today.
Thanks all and stay my site.

Credit by SMsudipBD.Com
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